Emotional Care

3Delicate Healthcare Agency  provides life coaching for seniors. All of our clients have full access to our Life Coaches. Whether you are indecisive about transitioning or you just need to make the best move to the next stage in their lives.

We understand that the next 4 to 6 decades are meaningful time in our clients lives and is even more significant than the first 6 decades.  If you are seeking our services, we understand that you maybe at the retirement time of your life or life may have thrown something challenging at you; you are now faced with the changes that come with advancing age. It is possible to feel like things are out of your control, out-of-the-loop, or adrift. Let DHA help to get you back to feeling your best you, physically and emotional, by giving you access to one of our Senior Life Coaches who can show you how maturity can bring courage, wisdom, authenticity, growth and new possibilities.

The coaches at Delicate Healthcare inspires senior clients to find the courage within themselves to move forward, achieve balance and fulfillment, and create a meaningful, fully-engaged life. Our Life Coaches are known to be some of the best in their field, with years of experience, training and dedication, they are bound to dirve results and set us apart from all the other homecare agencies.

DHA provides coaching services in the comfort of our clients home but with the option of services via telephone and skype. Each client we take on recieve a complimentary session at no additional cost to their homecare service. Working with a coach will allow you to experience life coaching for senior and retirement-age clients. We are diverse in all that we do and find it easy to work with everyone while enjoying a high client satisfaction rate.

Because our clients are different in many areas, an initial consultation is done to see if their is a life coaching “fit.” At the end of that session, a proposed commitment with at least two recommended options are made and it is up to the client or family to chose decide what is best .

While the complimentary session is thirty minutes, the coaching sessions will be based on the client’s need and determined by the coach. Our coaches offers an intensive one-on-one conversation, where the client leaves with a specific action plan and insights. Some clients may get what they need out of just the first session while some may ellect to have a consistent plan for continued growth with every changing moment.

Most often, Seniors Coaching sessions focus on finding fulfillment and plugging in to one’s own hopes, dreams and desires as a mature person. The goal of our life experts is in helping people decide when and how to retire. This service is not inclusive of health services, which seperates our client medical needs from their self fulfilment needs. It is then important for our coaches to sometimes address issues such as improving communication skills, achieving wellness, staying active, “slowing down”, overcoming obstacles, and developing a more satisfying approach to life.

You can find out more about our Senior Life Coaching services by speaking to one of our Care Plan Experts today.